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Artem Shelamanov

the scientist

  • Full stack ML Engineer, Backend Dev
  • 6+ years of coding
  • 1st place at AI hackathon

They call me Artem. Straight out of Ukraine, I am specializing in machine learning within the Python ecosystem.


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Adam Dolansk√Ĺ

the artist

  • UI/UX Designer, Frontend Dev
  • 8+ years of design
  • 2 years of startup B2B marketing

They labeled me Adam. I managed to narrow my existence down to building digital products during the day and making posters when it gets late.

Got an idea?

While we primarily focus on building our own products, we are open to cooperation.

We can design it.

Adam is a great UX/UI designer. When he is in the flow, he will have [anything] designed in no time.

Describe one (1) key feature --> info@yazero.io

We can build it.

A performant full-stack web application? Sure. Complex AI features? We have the power Artem on our side.

Describe one (1) key feature --> info@yazero.io

You can validate it.

We have built a tool where you can quickly validate your ideas against the most crucial criteria.

Describe one (1) key feature --> validator.yazero.io